Welcome to our new look and website. 

We have chosen to give our branding a new, luxurious look and feel. 

After over 30 years of the whimsical-faced sun and over 20 years of the green and purple brand colours, it was time to retire our vintage look as we enter a new and exciting stage at Kitras Art Glass. 

We looked at where we have been and where we would like to go. We were inspired by our past and present customers and products, while at the same time we were also inspired to create new story-focused collections, products and experiences that will take us into the future. 

We believe in the future of handcrafted products. They will help people connect through both the giving and receiving of beautiful products and experiences and sharing these stories with the people they love. 

We hope you’re as inspired and in awe of our new branding we are! We look forward many more years celebrating Kitras and all of our products that we love so dearly.