These shorter days and beautiful natural colours are giving us all of the fall feels.

What better way to celebrate Autumn than with a stunning glass pumpkin tablescape.

Kitras has seven different colours of pumpkins in three different sizes to help you create a warm and cozy display for your dining room or coffee table.

Step one: Decide your colour pallet

Choose two or three colours of pumpkins what will fit with your current autumn and home décor. Kitras has stunning orange, harvest, rust, purple, white, cranberry and teal pumpkins.

Step two: Decide on the number of pumpkins

Depending on your table size and other décor you need to decide how many glass pumpkins would enhance the fall feel of your home. We suggest going with three or more and going with an odd number.

Step three: Choose your sizes

Kitras has 3” and 6” Round Pumpkins, as well as 6” Oval Pumpkins. Be sure to choose at least one of each size (they don’t need to be the same colour) so you will have variation in your tablescape.

Step four: Choose your stands

To create levels and visual intrigue, use Kitras Three Leg Stands to hold a few of your Glass Pumpkins. These stands are a great tool if you are displaying the pumpkins with something like a table wreath or leafy garland to lift the pumpkin above so it’s in full view. The Small Three Leg Stands are perfect for 3” Round Pumpkins and the Medium Three Leg Stands are ideal for 6” Round and Oval Pumpkins.

Step five: Decide on your additional décor

Kitras Glass Pumpkins can fit with all décor from rustic to sophisticated and everything in between. It all depends on your home and what you prefer. A few great décor completements include a twig-like wreath, tea lights, burlap table runner, twinkle lights and leafy garland. The sky really is the limit.

No matter what tablescape you choose to create, ensure that it works for your purposes. For example, if you plan to eat dinner around the display be sure to make it narrow enough to include table settings and if you create it on a coffee table ensure you leave enough space to use the table for your day-to-day use.

Happy decorating!

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