Have you ever wondered if you can display your Kitras item outdoors? We’ve got you covered with our outdoor Kitras tips.

Sunlight is one of the best ways to really experience the stunning beauty of your piece and it goes without saying that placing it outside is one of the best ways to get the full effect.

As long as it’s done correctly most Kitras items are weatherproof and can stay outside all year. However, Oil Lamps should be brought in after each use to avoid water entering the orb when it rains. Also, any items where water can pool, like the Calico Seed Feeder, should be brought inside for the winter. If water pools and freezes, it can expand and crack the glass.

Avoid exposing your Kitras item to extreme temperature changes by bring it outside in the spring after the last frost or anytime throughout the summer. From there you can leave it outside all year and enjoy it even during the winter months! If you decide you’d prefer to bring your piece inside for the winter, do so before the first frost in the fall, otherwise you risk the glass cracking with the extreme temperature change from cold outdoors to warm indoors.

There are also many options to display your Kitras item outside.

Hanging Ornaments, Seed Feeders or Bells from a tree is always a beautiful option. Use rope, ribbon or an appropriately sized chain to hang your item at whatever height you would like and watch it dance with the wind in the tree.

Kitras also has many display options from a Shepherd’s Hook to a Wall Hook. Secure your Ornament, Seed Feeder or Bell with rope, ribbon, chain or an s-hook and let your Kitras stand do the display work for you! The Shepherd’s Hook looktruly beautiful in any garden and the Wall Hook can dress up any porch or patio.

If you have a pond, consider displaying your Calico Orb as a pond ball. Simply attach one end of rope or chain to the orb’s loop and the other to a rock or weightmaking sure the rope or chain length matches the depth of the pond. Then drop the rock or weight into the water and your Calico Orb will float on the surface, creating a beautiful display. Don’t forget to remove the pond balls from the water before the pond freezes over for winter! 

Stand alone items like the Solar Lights and Bee Balls look stunning in any garden bed or pot. The Solar Lights also make a great addition to any walkway, offering a beautiful decoration by day and functional light by night!

How do you display your Kitras glass outdoors? Click HERE to tell us! We’d love to see pictures too!