Have a question about your Kitras product? Please review our Frequently Asked Questions below. If your question remains unanswered please email info@kitras.com.


How do we measure our products?

Kitras products are assigned to size-categories based on the diameter of the item, measured in inches.

Our current categories range from 2” to 10” depending on the collection. These categories are not exact dimensions and, in the case of ornaments, the size may or may not reflect the added ¼” to 1” for the hanging loop. Each collection is different. 

For example: 

A 6” Tree of Enchantment ornament will be close to 6” without taking in to account the height of the hanging loop (which may add ¾ - 1 inch to the over height). Whereas a 6” Calico ornament, will be closer to 6” including the height of the hanging loop. 

Dimensions for every item are available on each product page under “Product Specs”. Keep in mind that each piece is handblown and each piece is unique, so measurements can vary slightly.

Is the story included?

Yes! Most Kitras glass products come with a story tag, either attached to the hanging loop or placed in the gift box.

Some collections have a unique story for each colour: Trees of Enchantment, Elements, Birthday Wish, Blossom, Intention, Fairy and Colour Wave. 

Other collections will have a collection-specific story reflecting the overall theme that will be used for all colours and sizes. For example: all Calico ornaments will have the same story about Friendship! 

In cases where a product may not have a specific themed-story, we will include our Kitras Art Glass tag.

Each individual product’s story is included under “Story” on each product page. If you have any questions that aren’t answered there please email info@kitras.com

Is this product in stock?

All Kitras glass products are hand-crafted by our talented team of glassblowers. To reduce waste and avoid unnecessary production and overstock, we schedule products to be made as orders are received.

We operate Monday to Friday for both production and customer service. The average fulfillment time for retail orders is 7 to 10 business days and that time includes receiving the order, adding the product(s) to the production schedule, crafting it, annealing it, inspecting it, wrapping it, and packing it ready to ship. Shipping times will depend on your location. 

When planning production, we do take into account the possibility of scrap and breakage, so we try to plan for slightly more than we need. Occasionally this may result in a surplus of some items, which allows us ship some orders out sooner than expected, but this is the exception, not the rule. 

We advise customers to order early, and be prepared for your order to take approximately 7 to 10 business days to ship. If your need is more immediate, please contact us and we will help in any way we can. Email info@kitras.com.

Can we accommodate custom product requests?

Kitras has an extensive catalogue of decorative and functional products available to order in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes. Our catalogue is updated regularly to keep things current and exciting! Our studio is organized and equipped primarily for the production of these items, and our artists maintain a vigorous production schedule to fulfill our regular orders in a timely manner, so we are limited to the custom requests we can accommodate. 

Custom inquiries are considered on a case-by-case basis, depending on the scope and nature of the request, time of year and number of pieces. We often require a minimum order of pieces due to the investment of time away from regular production and materials needed to complete the project. A custom fee may be also be applicable.   

Please contact info@kitras.com with your requests. 

If you are looking for a unique ornament to match your décor, or a custom gift with their favourite colours, please check out our “Make Your Own” page! You can create a beautiful ornament in your choice of colours!   

Can you replicate/reproduce my non-Kitras glass item?

From beloved antique ornaments, to light covers and dishware we are often asked if we can recreate or replicate various non-Kitras items. 

While we are so grateful you thought of Kitras Art Glass, our focus is on hand-crafting art that is designed by the Kitras family and our team. We do not replicate non-Kitras glass products.

Can we put ashes in an ornament?

Thank you for thinking of us for this special project. Unfortunately, we are not set up to facilitate projects of this delicate nature.

Can you repair my broken glass item?

Glass is formed in extreme high heat and is slowly cooled in an annealing oven; a common request or hope is that we can reheat and fuse the broken pieces back together. Unfortunately, glass repair is not as straight forward as this. Broken glass can rarely be restored to resemble its original state or level of durability.  

Rare companies do exist that specialize in glass repair but at Kitras Art Glass our passion and focus is designing and manufacturing.

If it’s a small crack or clean break you may have some success with glass glues or epoxies - depending on the extent of the damage. 

If you are trying to repair a broken hanging loop, it is unlikely that glue or epoxy will restore the loop so that it is strong enough to support the weight of the ornament long term. In this case you might be better served by filing down the sharp edges and displaying the ornament on a three-legged stand instead. 

Please exercise caution whenever handling broken glass. Always use safety equipment such as gloves and safety glasses, and dispose of broken glass thoughtfully by wrapping it in layers of paper to avoid injury to yourself or anyone else.

How to identify a Kitras Product?

If you have a unique piece of art glass and you are wondering if it might be a Kitras product - past or present - please send us a few photos. We would be happy to take a look! info@kitras.com.

Can your products go outside?

Yes! But… 

Kitras glass should only be introduced to the outdoors during the warm weather, after the last frost. However, while we offer many items that can be enjoyed outside through the winter months this does not apply to all Kitras products.

By nature of their design products like seed rests, hummingbird feeders, diffusers, and oil lamps are vessels. Any liquids left in them, or water that collects over the winter may expand as it freezes which could crack the glass. It is recommended that these items be brought in before the frost returns in early Autumn to avoid this risk. 

If the product is sealed, or if the opening faces downward (so water cannot pool), it can be set out in late-Spring and safely remain outside year-round. 

Additional tips: Your ornament(s) should be displayed using materials that are durable against the elements. The material needs to support the weight of the product, long-term. When applicable, tie your knots nice and tight. And, make sure you check your set-up from time to time for signs of wear, in case the hanging material needs replacing.  

Check out the “Inspiration” tab for more details on how and where you can display Kitras glass or contact us at info@kitras.com for any inquiries not covered by our online resources.

My product doesn’t look exactly like the stock photo; why is that?

The nature of our products, and most hand-crafted glass products, is that each piece is one-of-a-kind and will have its own charm. That is the beauty and uniqueness of our glass and we celebrate that! How special to get a truly one-of-a-kind piece! 

All of our glass is photographed on a white and brightly lit background to best display the different colours and design. When you receive your product and see it in natural light, it is common for the colours to look somewhat different than the pictures. In addition, most of our products are made with transparent glass, which can cause some colours to look almost “doubled” in saturation or coverage in the photos; this occurs because the colours on the front side of the piece are layered with the colours on back side. 

Our stock photos provide one sample of the overall design and the general colour combination used for each product, but the ratio of those colours, the webbing, the exact vibrancy and colour-coverage will vary slightly with each piece. They are handmade and each piece is unique. We wouldn’t want it any other way. 

Before selecting any piece, it is helpful to browse all the colours or sentiments within that collection so you can compare some of the possible outcomes - colour placement, symmetry, and other details that may vary within that design. 

For example: Our Birthday Wish ornaments have clear glass on top, clear on the bottom, and a band of colour around the center (with horizontal webbing); if that band of colour is not completely straight, or the photo is taken on a slight angle, it can appear that the band coverage is slightly wider because of the overlap. By comparing photos of all the Birthday Wish ornaments (despite their differences in colour for each month) you will gain a better understanding of the spectrum of possible outcomes for the colours/month you select.       

Is there still something not quite right with what you received? Please contact us with photos and your order number at info@kitras.com. We are happy to take a look.

Why won’t my ornament fit on the stand? (I bought/received the recommended sizes)

Are you attempting to attach your Kitras ornament to the display accessory directly by the glass loop?

The glass loops are not designed to fit with the metal accessories directly; the loops are fragile and susceptible to breaking if they are twisted or bumped with force. To reduce the risk of such breakage we recommend using a flexible material to suspend your ornament from the accessory – ribbon, twine, fishing line, wire, etc., especially with the 2” and 6” products. 

Due to the nature of hand-crafted products the size and shape of every loop on every ornament will vary, as will the diameter of the opening of each loop. Some ornaments may fit directly on the stand coincidentally, but it is not recommended.      

If this is not the issue, or you believe you were sent the wrong stand, please contact us at info@kitras.com with your order number and photos. We would be happy to help in any way we can.

Do you make/sell corporate gifts?

If you have an upcoming company event, or are looking for holiday, retirement or sympathy gifts for employees or clients we would be happy to discuss your options. Contact info@kitras.com

In your initial email, please include as many details as possible with regards to what you are looking for. Have you already browsed the site? Do you have certain products in mind? Do you know the quantity you’ll need? Size? Budget? The event date? Do you need us to ship to multiple addresses or one? Is this a one-time event or are you interested in a corporate wholesale account for future events? More details upfront mean a faster and more comprehensive reply to get the ball rolling!

Substantial quantities will require ample notice. The products are hand crafted as the orders are received, so we may require several weeks or months to build the order. For example, if you are looking for corporate gifts for the winter holidays, we advise you to start reaching out in September or earlier for November-December delivery.    

I have a store and would love to carry your products. Do you sell wholesale?

Yes, we do sell wholesale. Please click the “Wholesale” tab available on the website or contact us at orders@kitras.com or 1-800-439-6393 to find out more information. 


Can I add or remove products on my existing order?

If you need to make a change, please contact us within 24 hours of placing your order and we will help in any way we can; however, the ability to adjust your order will depend on how far along your order is in the fulfillment process. 

For the fastest resolution, please provide your order number and all pertinent details for your request in your initial contact.

Please note, that we are closed on weekends and Canadian Holidays but rest assured we will respond to your emails and voicemails as quickly as we can upon our return from these days away. 

How long will it take to make/prepare my order for shipping?

All Kitras glass products are hand-crafted. To reduce waste and avoid unnecessary production we only make what we need. Products are therefore scheduled to be made after orders are received,

On average it may take 5-10 business days (roughly 1-2 weeks) for products to leave our facility. This is an estimate only - meaning some orders will leave sooner and some may take longer.

We will reach out if we have questions or concerns about your order, otherwise you can rest assured (as long as you received our confirmation email) your order is being worked on, and we will email a shipping confirmation once it leaves the facility.

If your order is time-sensitive due to a special event or occasion, please add a note to your order and/or contact us right away. We will always try to make some magic happen for you! 

We are closed on evenings, weekends, and Canadian Holidays. Inquiries and orders submitted Friday - Sunday evenings, or during holidays, will be addressed on the following open business day, or very soon after. We are a family company and value a work-life balance for our employees, but rest assured your business is important to us; we will respond to your inquiries and continue processing orders in a timely manner upon our return.

Holiday & promotion fulfillment: During the holiday season (mid-October to mid-January) and after any promotion period, the estimated turn-around increases due to the added volume.

For additional questions or special requests not covered in our FAQs, please contacts us at info@kitras.com or 1-800-439-6393.

How do I place an order to ship various ornaments to multiple addresses?

If you have a variety of gifts you wish to send but they are all going to separate addresses, you will need to create a separate order for each recipient/shipping address. Individual shipping rates will apply for each address.

How long should it take to receive my order confirmation email?

Confirmation emails are sent immediately after the payment is processed. If you don’t see it right away check your junk email folder. 

If you do not receive the email within 24 hours, please reach out to us at info@kitras.com. We want to make sure you get the rest all your order updates.

How can I view my order history?

To view your order history, you will need to set up an account.

You can choose to set up an account during the checkout process, or at any other time on our website by clicking “sign up/log in.” We can also email you an invitation to create an account if you are having difficulty.

Creating an account will enable you to view your past and pending orders. It will also allow you to make any necessary edits/updates to your contact details: email, phone number and default shipping and billing addresses.  

Make sure you triple check that your email address is correct before completing the account set-up process please! This is our main way to contact you.    

I just placed my order; can I change the shipping or billing address, or contact details?

If you noticed something wasn’t right on your confirmation email, contact us within 24 hours and we will help in any way we can; however, the ability to adjust your order will depend on how far along your order is in the fulfillment process.  

*We are unable to make any permanent changes to the payment details, or billing information (name, address or phone number).

If the billing details are your concern, please rest assured that the billing field is not connected to the payment field, they are not required to match, and it will not affect your payment from being processed. Shopify has a host of security checks to verify the legitimacy of the order and payments, the billing info is not part of that verification process. If you made it to the “Thank you” page and/or received the confirmation email, your payment was approved and your order was successfully submitted to us. 

The billing info is more of an “ordered-by” field, so we know who placed the order and who the primary contact is if we need to reach out. It also informs gift recipients of who is responsible for the smile on their faces. So, it is important for the billing info to be correct, but it does not affect the payment or prevent your order from being fulfilled. 

If your order is a gift, contact us at info@kitras.com or 1-800-439-6393. We may not be able to change the billing permanently in the system but we can change it manually on the printed gift receipt so your recipient will see the correct information. Alternatively, we may be able to cancel/refund the order and re-place it. If the order is shipping to you as the purchaser, you are the only person who will see the packing slip, so it’s up to you if it’s worth making the edit or not on that particular order.

If you have an account, you can log in and edit your default billing and shipping address’ for future orders, but it will not change the address on a pending order. (If you don’t have an account but would like to set one up, we can send you an invitation so you can view your order history and control your contact details). 

If you use Apple Pay or Shop Pay, double check your default addresses on those apps. Keep in mind that even if something is auto-filled those details can be edited/over-written, and it is important to triple check all order and contact details before completing your orders.  

How often do you offer promotions?

We run promotional events throughout the year but their details and dates vary. 

All specials, promotions and discounts are applied to the order before tax and shipping.

If you wish to be kept in the loop about exciting events, new products and promos please sign up for our e-newsletters at the bottom of this webpage. 

Do you offer discounts for bulk orders?

We love your enthusiasm for Kitras art glass! 

Yes, we do offer various savings for orders of substantial quantities depending on the circumstances. 

We offer several tiers of savings starting at a minimum of 20 pieces. This could apply to both individual retail customers or businesses looking to purchase for gifting/donation purposes.

Please check out the "corporate gifting program" link at the bottom of the website for savings details.

If you are inquiring on behalf of a store for the purpose of reselling, please direct your inquiries to our wholesale department at orders@kitras.com.

What if I need to make a return or exchange?

For returns or exchanges, please contact us within 60 days of delivery and we will provide our return address and instructions. Please do not ship product(s) back without contacting us first. 

To be eligible for a return the product(s) must have been purchased from Kitras directly via www.kitras.com or www.kitras.ca and they must be in their original condition. If the order was fulfilled by a separate Kitras retailer please contact that company for a resolution.

If the return or exchange is due to a breakage or error on our part, please contact us within 7 days of delivery to report the issue. Provide your order number and a description of the issue and we would be happy to replace or rectify the situation at our cost. (Note: any claim of damage, defect or error will require photos.)

Customers are responsible for any return shipping costs if the return is due to personal choice or error, such as a change of mind or ordering the wrong colour or size.

For exchanges, Kitras offers to pay for the shipping on the new order. Customers are responsible for arranging the return but, upon its arrival and inspection, Kitras customer service will refund the product on the original order and create a new order with the adjusted shipping rate. (Essentially, you pay one direction, we pay the other). Contact us to arrange your exchange at info@kitras.com.

For all returning packages please include a copy of the packing slip or a note inside the box that has the order number and the reason for the return.  

We have no control over shipping rates, so feel free to shop around to find a rate/company that works for you.

It is recommended that you get a tracking number for peace of mind. Kitras Art Glass is not responsible for the product until it has been accepted back into our facility.

Once we receive the return, we will inspect the item(s) and process the refund. Please note that (unless otherwise discussed) we cannot refund the original shipping charges, as that is a service already rendered. 

Kitras Art Glass will not refund items that arrive broken or paint chipped (in the case of stands), so repackage very carefully. Original packaging may have been compromised after its journey to you, so, please ensure packaging for the returning order will be sufficient for the second journey.

Please allow 3 business days for the order to be inspected after its return to our facility. You will receive a refund confirmation email on the day we process the return. Please allow an additional 3 to 10 business days after you receive the confirmation email for the funds to appear back on your account - it will depend on your bank/credit card company. 

If you are unsure how your return should be handled or if you have any further questions regarding our return policy, please email info@kitras.com. Again, please do not send anything back without contacting us first. 

I think something is missing from my order; how do I resolve this?

We are sorry to hear that. Please contact us within 7 days of receiving your order and we would be happy to help rectify the issue.

Important note: Sometimes, for products that have multiple components (such as oil lamps or diffusers), their accessories are wrapped separately. These items can be tiny and, on occasion, they have been known to get confused with packaging materials and thrown out. We try to make these pieces stand out, but please look through all packaging materials carefully before discarding any of it.

My order arrived broken, what do I do?

How disappointing! We ship all orders with our tested packaging, but sometimes these things happen. Please contact us at info@kitras.com within 7 days of receiving your order to start the process of getting a replacement. Please do not return or dispose of the damaged product before receiving a response from us.

For the fastest resolution, please provide your order number and a photo of the damage in your initial contact. 

Use caution when obtaining the photo(s). We need to verify the size and colour(s) of the piece for the replacement; however, it is not always necessary to remove the ornament from the wrapping entirely if this cannot be done safely. 

We do apologize for the inconvenience, but with your assistance we will have a new piece on your doorstep in no time!

I think my product may have a defect; can you help?

If something is not functioning the way you thought it might, we are happy to get to the bottom of it with you! 

We have several resources on our site for how to use oil lamps, how to pair our ornaments with the stands, how to set up the solar lights, etc. Please check out our various product FAQs, or the “Inspire” tab for details. If you don’t find what you are looking for, please contact us at info@kitras.com with your order number, photos of the product in question, and a detailed description of your concern.

How do I cancel my order?

We are sorry to hear you need to cancel. Please contact info@kitras.com and we would be happy to assist you.

Please note, that our ability to adjust your order will depend on how far along your order is in the fulfillment process. If a label has been created, the order can no longer be cancelled.

For the fastest resolution, please provide your order number and reason for the cancellation in your initial contact.


Can I mark my order as a gift?

We are thrilled that you have chosen Kitras Art Glass for your gifting occasion! 

Customers do not need to select a check-box to indicate that their purchase is a gift. When we see that a gift message has been provided, or that the bill-to and ship-to names/addresses are different, we will automatically print a gift-packing slip that has slightly different language than the regular document. For example, instead of "bill to" it will say "a gift from".

Rest assured prices are not included on our packing slips, regardless of whether the order is a gift or not.

Please see the question below "How will the gift message be presented?" for more info about the gift packing slip.

Does each piece come gift wrapped/how will my gift be presented on arrival?

Most ornaments, sized 2” to 6”, will be wrapped in our special two-layered tissue and corrugated paper cushioning and placed in a colourful branded Kitras Art Glass gift box, hosting our logo and brand pattern.

The few items in our catalogue that are too uniquely shaped to fit in our standard gift boxes, such as our Wishing Stars or Candy Canes, will arrive securely pillowed in bubble wrap. 

Large items such as the 10” Tree of Enchantment ornaments will be bubble wrapped securely and placed in a sturdy shipping box using Kitras logo packing tape.

Solar Light Globes will be wrapped in bubble and placed in a gift box to fit the glass only, the stake (included) will be packed separately in the shipping box.

Does a packing slip need to be included with my gift?

Occasionally, customers request that we do not include the packing slip with their gift. This is not impossible to accommodate, however, the packing slip serves a few important functions worth considering: 

1) Our packing slip provides a simple and cheerful presentation of the order summary, with small coloured photos of the products; this ensures recipients can accurately account for what was intended to be shipped. 

2) We provide our company contact details and the order number in case the recipient needs to reach out to us for any reason. 

3) Although some customers want their gifts to be a mystery, most recipients want to know who to thank, and in their determination will reach out to various retailers until the mystery is solved. So, in our experience, gift recipients appreciate having the packing slip or gift receipt. 

Can I include a message for a gift recipient?


Gift notes can be added on the “cart” page - just before you begin the checkout process. Look for the text box that says “Add a message to your order”. 

This text box can be used for both your gift message and/or for Kitras staff. Use this box to let us know if your order is time-sensitive by providing your event date, or if you won’t be home right away and would like to request that we don’t ship while you’re away. Inquiries that require a response; however, should still be directed to customer service at info@kitras.com

If you provide a gift message those personal sentiments will not be available for review in your order confirmation email, so make sure you proofread carefully before checking out.

If you missed your chance to add a note when you placed the order, don’t fret. Contact us at info@kitras.com with your message within 24 hours of placing your order and we may still be able to add it for you!

How will the gift message be presented?

Your message will appear on our gift receipt packing slip. Rest assured, this is not an average packing slip and your personal sentiments will stand out distinctly and cheerfully. 

Across the top of the page will read “A gift for you” in large font. The terms “bill to” and “ship to” are replaced with: “a gift from” and “to” and following that we include only the basic order details including: the order date, the order number, and our contact info.

Prices are not included on our packing slips.

With the layout and coloured photos, along with your personal sentiments, our packing slip enhances the unboxing experience for your gift recipient. 

Happy gifting!    

Can I place a corporate gifting order?

Yes! You can! Please visit our Corporate Gifting Program page HERE for more information


When will I receive my order?

On average it takes about 5 to 10 business days (1-2 weeks) to hand-craft your order (if the items are not already in stock).

We ship UPS Ground. Their estimated delivery duration depends on the intended state/province. 

Once shipped from our studio you will receive the tracking information for your order, which will confirm the estimated arrival date.

If your order is time-sensitive, please add a note to your order (on the “cart” page) and we will help in any way we can.

You can also always reach us at info@kitras.com or 519-843-2480 ext. 234 to tell us about your time sensitive order or if you require more information.

Where do you ship to?

We can ship anywhere in Canada and the 48 contiguous United States of America. We do not currently offer shipping ship to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico. 

Exceptions may be made if customers are willing to pay regular UPS rates to these destinations. Please contact customer service at info@kitras.com for a quote. To obtain the quote we would require the full shipping address (including the recipient’s name and phone number), as well as the contents requested for the order (collection, item, colour, size, quantity).  

For orders shipping to a Canadian address, you will need to place the order on www.kitras.ca. You will be charged in Canadian dollars.

For orders shipping to a US shipping address, you will need to place the order on www.kitras.com. You will be charged in US dollars.

If you are a US customer looking to ship to a Canadian address (or visa versa) you will still need to order on the site associated with the shipping address. Your credit card company will make the necessary dollar conversions. Kitras does not charge any international processing fees, but please check with your bank for terms regarding international purchases.

Where do your products ship from? Where are your products made?

All orders ship directly from our studio/ warehouse, located in Fergus, Ontario, Canada. 

All of our glass is hand-crafted in this location, and pieces are generally scheduled to be made after the orders are placed.

Our iron accessories and paraffin oil are also locally manufactured.

What shipping courier company do you use?

All of our orders get shipped out via UPS ground, except in some special circumstances where we may require an alternate carrier.

Why can’t I ship to a PO Box? What if the address is extremely rural?

Post Office boxes are for delivery using Canada Post and the US Postal Service only. We ship with UPS, and they cannot deliver to PO Boxes. 

In cases where the shipping destination is remote, UPS may turn the order over to the Canadian or US postal services for final delivery; however this is an arrangement facilitated between those companies alone. Our in-house shipping system is a UPS program and they require us to provide a street address to get the order out the door. You can include a box number on the second line (typically reserved for the apartment/suite number) if you feel it would be necessary or helpful for final delivery but we cannot process an order with a PO Box as the main address.

How much does it cost to ship?

We offer shipping as a two-tired flat rate, based on the order value before tax. 

Shipping to Canada
Orders under $50 (before tax) are $15 to ship.
Orders over $50 (before tax) are $20 to ship.

Shipping to US
Orders under $100 are $10 to ship
Orders over $100 are $15 to ship 

Can I ship express/priority?

Express shipping is not a service we offer directly online, but exceptions may be made for special circumstances, on a case-by-case basis. Please contact customer service at info@kitras.com.

To obtain a quote we would require the full shipping address (including the recipient’s name and phone number), as well as the contents requested for the order (collection, item, colour, size, quantity).   

Some locations are not eligible for express shipping.  

Do you offer Curbside pick-up?

Curbside pick-up was temporarily offered to local customers while in-store shopping was not available. However, in August 2021 we opened our Kitras Elora Retail Store, where customers can once again shop in-person and take product(s) home the same day. For this reason, we no longer offer curbside pick-up.

The new store is located at 175 Geddes Street in Elora.

Open 6 days a week. Tuesday to Sunday 11 am to 5 pm. Closed Mondays.

If you wish to inquire about available inventory before visiting, or have other store-related queries, you can contact the store directly at 519 843 6160.

We aim to carry all of our current catalogue products shown on our website, along with a variety of non-Kitras gifting items. If you are looking to purchase larger quantities of the same item, or holiday themed pieces that may not be available in the store year 'round, please contact our Retail Services Coordinator at 519 843 2480 ext. 234 or info@kitras.com for assistance.

Can I visit and buy from your studio?

Our studio/ warehouse in Fergus is not open to the public, except by appointment for the Glass Bowing Experience offered Spring-Fall.

Local purchases can be made at our Elora retail store, just a few minutes away: 175 Geddes Street Elora.

If you wish to stay in the loop about local Kitras news please like/follow our Facebook page Kitras Art Glass Inc. or follow us on Instagram @elora_kitrasartglassinc 


I noticed an additional charge on my account that I don’t understand, was it Kitras?

All of our products are made and shipped from our studio in Fergus Ontario, Canada. Because of this, international cards may be charged a fee when making a purchase. This fee is not charged by us, but by your bank or card provider. If you are concerned about international/conversion fees, we encourage you to contact your bank or card provider, or review your terms with them before making a purchase.

I am having difficulty checking out; what might be the problem?

Sorry for the inconvenience; we want this to be an easy process for you. Here are some troubleshooting ideas depending on what part of the process you are having trouble:

1) If you are unable to enter the shipping address successfully, please check that you are on the correct version of our website for the country you are shipping to...

For orders shipping to a Canadian address, you will need to place the order on www.kitras.ca. You will be charged in Canadian dollars.

For orders shipping to a US shipping address, you will need to place the order on www.kitras.com. You will be charged in US dollars.

If you are a US customer looking to ship to a Canadian address or visa versa you will still need to order on the site associated with the shipping address. Your credit card company will make the necessary dollar conversions. Kitras does not charge any international processing fees, but please check with your bank for terms regarding international purchases.

2) If the payment is declining but you know the funds are there, the bank may be blocking your purchase due to security features they provide. If they deem the attempted purchase as being outside of your normal purchasing activity, they may hold it. If you live in the US but rarely purchase internationally, they may hold it. The only way around this is to contact the bank to assure them that it is an approved purchase, and try again.

3) Sometimes the issue is a brief loss of connection, and you simply need to refresh the page to try again. Contact us if you require further assistance, we are happy to help via phone 1-800-439-6393 or email info@kitras.com

Why would a gift card or promo code say “invalid”?

If your gift card was purchased on our US website, it would have been processed in US dollars and can only be redeemed on www.kitras.com

Similarly, if your gift card was purchased on our Canadian website, it would have been processed in Canadian dollars, and can only be redeemed on www.kitras.ca.

If you are having difficulty with a promo code, double-check the details of the event – is there a minimum purchase, is the event/code expired? Was the promo code provided by Kitras directly via our website, Facebook page, Instagram or e-newsletter? If the code came from a source other than Kitras directly, it will not be applicable.

If the promotion is still running, and you meet any possible requirements but are still having difficulty, please reach out for assistance placing your order at info@kitras.com. If we are closed for the weekend or holiday when you send your inquiry or leave your voicemail, rest assured we will reply as promptly as we can upon our return. If the event ends before you receive our response, know that we will honour the promotion (provided we can reach you within 5 business days from the day the event ends).