Air Garden Bell

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“The challenge of the air element is to allow it to flow and move you in new directions that provide happiness and joy.” Inspired by and created with the four elements – Air, Earth, Fire, Wind – this bell will inspire and challenge you. The colours are swirled with opaque glass in a band across the middle of this bell. Offered in two sizes this bell will fit in with outdoor and indoor décor in any house. friendship-garden-bell,colour-wave-ocean-breeze-orb,hearts-of-intention-joys-hook,wall-hook

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This story tag reads “Air reminds us that there is much more to this world than is visible with the eye. Air can move things that are stuck and usher in new beginnings. Air is refreshing, brings clarity of thought and is intensely curious. The challenge of the air element is to allow it to flow and move you in new directions that provide happiness and joy.”

Use & Care

However you choose to hang your Kitras bell, indoors or outdoors, periodically check that the hanging medium is still sound and make any necessary adjustments. The rope and twine are natural materials, susceptible to weather damage over time. We recommend hanging Bells and Seed Feeders somewhere sheltered to assist with longevity. If it will be directly exposed to rain and snow, it will eventually need to be replaced. The rope and twine can be found at most local hardware or craft supply stores.  

Introduce the glass to the outdoors in the spring or early summer when the temperature inside is similar to the temperature outside. This will limit the chance of a stress fracture due to sudden temperature changes.  Leaving the Bell outside will allow the piece to adjust to temperatures gradually with the seasons. From then on you can leave the piece outside and enjoy your Kitras Bell outside through the winter months!   

To clean your Kitras Art Glass item use a damp cloth and lightly rub it around the outside of the glass. Do this when you notice the glass has lost some of its brilliance. A simple cleaning will bring the sparkle back!


4 inch bell: bell width 3.5”, bell height 4”, rope length 10”, weight 0.56 lbs

8 inch bell: bell width 4.75”, bell height 6”, rope length 10”, weight 1.42 lbs


Gift this Air Garden Bell to anyone in your life who is environmentally aware or likes to entertain outdoors. 

The Air Garden Bell can also be gifted to someone who is looking for a unique pop of colour in their indoor décor. 


Hang from a tree or hook outdoors.

Hang from a ceiling or wall hook indoors to add a unique pop of colour. With four different colour options in the Elements Garden Bell Collection, there’s sure to be a colour that will fit with any décor.



Rated 5.0 out of 5

Based on 2 reviews

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