Replacement Solar Stake

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This replacement solar stake can be used with any Kitras Solar Light. A solar stake is included with every Kitras Solar Light purchased; however, if something happens to that stake, a replacement can be purchased here.

Before purchasing a replacement, we recommend reading our "Use & Care" section for troubleshooting and other important details. 

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  • Use & Care
  • Product Specs

Use & Care

Use with Kitras Solar Lights

Turn switch to “ON” to activate rechargeable solar panel and allow for daily recharging.

Initially, charge the solar light for 2 to 3 days in bright sunlight, then keep it in the sun for 4 to 6 hours daily.

The battery is rechargeable and will not need to be replaced for a couple of years. 

Once charged the battery gives 6 to 8 hours of light.

Before purchasing a replacement

1) Did you try changing the battery in your existing stake?

*The battery is a replaceable, rechargeable solar battery (not available through Kitras). To change the battery, remove the screws on the bottom of the solar panel. Replace the battery and refasten the bottom of the solar panel. 

2) Is your panel getting enough sun during the day to charge (OR) enough darkness at night for the panel to engage the battery?

*Location is key -  Areas that get too much shade in the afternoon can prevent the battery from charging sufficiently. Sometimes plants might grow up over the panel unnoticed, or a passing animal might accidentally move the panel out of position so it no longer catches the sunlight. Similarly, if the stake is located too close to bright porch lights or street lights at night, it can prevent the panel from engaging the battery to turn on the light. 

3) Is the ON/OFF switch fully in the "on" position? 

*It is rare, but if the silicone cover for the ON/OFF switch has shifted out of place, it can prevent the switch from clicking into place properly to engage the battery. You can open the panel to check the cover and reposition if needed.

Are you replacing an older model?

You may need to request a new clip...

The clip is the black, cone-shaped piece, with spring-loaded arms, that comes attached to every glass globe when you purchase a solar light. There is threading inside the clip, and threading at the tip of each solar stake that enables the globe to attach to the stake securely.  

The threading on the new model is different from the threading on previous models, but the clip can be carefully removed from the glass globe, and a new clip can be inserted.   

How to know if you have the previous or current model? 

If the upper and lower poles, and all the plastic components of your current stake (the one you need to replace) are fully black, you will need to request a new "clip" before checking out. (The clip is free, but it is only included by request). 

This request can be made using the message box found on the "cart" page. Please keep the message simple. For example:

"Please ship a CLIP with this replacement stake".    


Product Specs

Stake is 25.5" from the tip of the spike to the rim of the clip (without the glass globe). 

An average of 6-9 inches of that length will be in the ground when on display.

Light bulb colour may vary slightly - Our previous model (fully black stake- offered pre-2021) hosted a warm yellow light. The newer model is a whiter light.


Gift to someone whose solar light stake is damaged and broken.

*Pictured: Sunshine Fairy Solar Light



Rated 4.0 out of 5

Based on 8 reviews