Holiday Calico Ball

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The Holiday Calico Ball is a festive spin on the original friendship ornament.

Available in three different sizes, the festive colours make these Holiday Calico Balls a must-have for any seasonal decor. 

The classic ornament offers a beautiful mosaic of seasonal colours on its entire surface that will compliment your holiday decorations.

No matter which way you turn it, this ornament is sure to dazzle.


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The story tag reads “This beautiful handblown glass window ornament is traditionally known as a symbol of friendship. It sparkles in the light, the way a good friend brings sparkle to your life. The colours swirl and mingle across the surface of the ball enhancing each other, just as the talents and varied personalities of your friends bring colour to your life. This ball has intriguing ripples and ridges making it a delight to touch, as well as behold. Just like friends - no two are alike.”

Use & Care

Use a strong ribbon or fishing line to hang your ornament. The plastic hang tag is not intended to be a hanging medium and is not strong enough to hang your ornament over the long term. 

However you choose to hang your Kitras ornament, indoors or outdoors, periodically check that the hanging medium is still sound and make any necessary adjustments.

To clean your Kitras Art Glass item use a damp cloth and lightly rub it around the outside of the glass. Do this when you notice the glass has lost some of its brilliance. A simple cleaning will bring the sparkle back!


2 inch orb: width 2”, height 2”, height with hanging loop 2.5”, weight 0.18 lbs

3 inch orb: width 4”, height 4”, height with hanging loop 4.5”, weight 0.4 lbs

6 inch orb: width 5”, height 5”, height with hanging loop 5.5”, weight 0.7 lbs 


2", 3" and 6" Christmas Holiday Calico Balls on a white window sill.

Gift a Holiday Calico Orb to a special person in your life as a unique holiday surprise.

*Pictured: 6", 3" and 2" Christmas Holiday Calico Balls

3" Harvest Holiday Calico Ball hanging from a Large Curved Single Ornament Stand. Displayed on an end table with a lit Harvest Holiday Calico Oil Lamp and decorative grass in a vase.

Use a ribbon to hang your Holiday Calico Ball in front of a window or from one of our exclusive Kitras ornament holders.

Use the 2” Holiday Calico Ball as a unique and beautiful Christmas Tree decoration.

Decorate an outdoor tree and allow Holiday Calico Balls to hang from its branches.

*Pictured: 3" Harvest Holiday Calico Ball on a Small Curved Single Ornament Stand and Harvest Holiday Calico Ornament




Rated 5.0 out of 5

Based on 6 reviews

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